​Tereza Kopkova- Born and raised in the Czech Republic. My journey with BY began in spring 2010 after looking for a type of practice that would help me with long-term spinal pain caused by scoliosis. To be honest I did not fall in love with Bikram Yoga from the very beginning. My feelings after the first class were...mixed. Too hot, too hard, too painful...As I had done no regular physical activity before and had naturally inflexible body, I really suffered in the yoga room. However, I survived and already during the first ten days I noticed the positive benefits of the practice – both physical and mental.BY became an integral part of my life and after a year I attended TT in LA in 2011.I have had the pleasure to teach in different studios around Europe - Latvia, Norway, and Switzerland. For me yoga is an inner journey that takes me deep down into the unexplored territory of my own mind, body and spirit. An inner purification to the eternal peace within myself. I cannot wait to share this journey with you to find your deep strength and true self, discover your beauty and greatness.-

​Heather Delanghe

Barbara Van Der Eerden- I started practising Bikram Yoga in 2009. Despite the difficulties of the first session I soon began to feel amazing, more alive, happier, awake, focussed and noticed how Bikram Yoga demands complete commitment in each session.As a teacher it is important to me to create a good flow and energy in class. I also like to give some individual attention, in and out of class.I aim to make the hot room a safe space for each student for their individual practice to support their effort, patience, and determination.

At Hot Box we strive to ensure the highest standards in our 'travelling' yogi teachers. Our TY's come from all over the globe and have many hours teaching in a wide variety of studios all over the Bikram world. They each bring their individual wealth of knowledge to our studio and will benefit all our wonderful practitioners. 

​Kat Pearson

​Alberto Larraz Rivera-I started to practice Bikram yoga march 2013, 6 months later I went to TT. For many years I have had tendinitis on my right shoulder to the point that I was in pain constantly, even affecting my sleep. I also had an injury on the psoas muscle which stopped me to running, I have scoliosis and kyphosis, and sciatic nerve issues Doctors at the TT told me to avoid taking tablets , to trust bikram yoga, so i did.  Today my spine has improved , tendinitis gone , psoas muscle is healed. if i stop doing BY my sciatic nerve plays up, so the more i practice the better for me. Just trust the process and believe in your self.