What is BARRE?
Classic barre was created in 1959 by a German dancer who had injured her back. Lotte Berk put together a programme combining her physical therapy with ballet technique - her aim - to achieve the sculpted body of a dancer without the injuries. Barre class helps lengthen, strengthen and tone by targeting the 4 major muscle groups all at once - thighs, arms, abs and glutes.  Combine cardio & stretching. Handweights and ab work.

Here in BYHB Hot Box we give you heat to further aid in flexibility, intensity and reduce risk of injury. Detoxify, work out, enjoy the music and sweat, improve your mood. You will soon feel and see the evidence of working at a high intensity. HotBarre is the biggest new 'kid on the block' in Europe.

Basics: You will hear terms such as plie, fondu, 1st, 2nd position. 
Plie: Knees always bend over toes..butt in..no hip movement.
movement is straight up and down when you straighten the legs.
Grand-plie: is a full bend of the knees so thighs parallel to the floor.
Demi-plie: Looks more like a half-bend.Heels should not lift off the floor.
Why plie? It helps condition & stretch muscles & tendons, making them soft & pliable.
Fondu: A fondu is on one leg what a plie is on 2. The supporting leg fondus - gently bends....
First Position: Turned out legs with the feet pointing in opposite directions, heels touching.
Second Position: Legs turned out with feet pointing in opposite directions & heels at least shoulder-width apart.

Emilie lives to run and practice yoga outside of work. She has undertaken 2 separate trainings to teach Barre, in London and Copenhagen. She is already a regular practitioner at Hot Box and is completely inspirational. Sheelagh also trained in London for Barre.