The Hot Hatha/Vinyasa - Pranayama story

Combine Hatha asana practice with Pranayama, to herald a twofold impact on the practitioner in the heated 'Box'.
Vinyasa is active, it links flowing dynamic movement to an inhalation or exhalation. Each class is a sequence of postures building to a peak pose. It promotes strength & flexibility whilst detoxifying the body
Pranayama is the breath of life. It increases the prana or energy in your body. It is a precedent to higher practices such as meditation. It is calming, warming, increases concentration & focus.  Each class is unique and explores standing postures, forward and back bends, balancing postures, inversions and stillness. 

Pragya Kothari, your wonderful teacher, was born and raised in Rishikesh (India), widely regarded as the birthplace of yoga.She has been a practitioner from a young age and followed in various lineages of yoga, including hatha yoga, pranayama, ashtanga yoga , restorative yoga and meditation. Pragya is a trained economist and worked as a policy advisor for several years after graduating from the London School of Economics. In 2015 Pragya began to pursue her passion for yoga and completed her 200 hours RYT. She is currently pursuing  a Masters in Yoga  to deepen her understanding of the practice. On the mat Pragya encourages fellow practitioners to trust their bodies and find a space within them where strength and calm reside. Off the mat she encourages everyone to breathe and smile. 
Classes are every Wednesday evening at 18.30 for 1 hour.